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Wińsko Biomass Power Plant Project

Polish Energy Partners S.A. plans to build a biomass-fueled power plant located in Wińsko, in Lower Silesia. Wińsko. The facility’s capacity is determined to be approximately 31 MWe. So far the environmental approval and building permit have been obtained, and the boiler supply agreement has been concluded. The process of obtaining financing for the project is ongoing. The agreements on supply of the main power plant elements have been negotiated.

The commencement of construction works is planned for the spring of 2013, whereas commissioning – in 2015. The installation will be characterised by very low emissions to the atmosphere through the use of a modern combustion gas treatment system that meets the BAT requirements as well as the latest EU requirements for the environmental protection. Because of the biomass fuel used, the CO2 emissions balance is considered zero.

The construction of the power plant is going to contribute to the development of the region and will offer jobs both in the facility and in the agricultural and forest biomass supply chain, e.g. in balloting – fuel preparation, or transportation. The project will also provide a market for agricultural waste (straw, maize chaff).

More information in the non-technical-language project summary:

application/pdf iconNon Technical Summary - Biomass Power Plant Wińsko