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Polenergia presents new Corporate Social Responsibility strategy


Polenergia S.A. (‘Polenergia’) the largest Polish private and vertically integrated energy group, revealed the fourth Corporate Social Responsibility report, along with the updated CSR strategy of the Group. The strategy comprehensively describes all fields of the Group’s operation as well as issues and key projects that in the coming years will set a new perspective for the development of Polenergia in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

This year’s edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility report was developed in accordance with the international standard Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and it is a summary of the most significant projects and activities undertaken by Polenergia in 2018. The report consists of fourteen separate sections, including three areas, which the company strongly affects or by which the company is strongly affected. These are: environment, society and employees.
An important element of this year’s report is the new CSR strategy which sets directions for sustainable development until 2022. It was developed by internal and external stakeholders: shareholders, investors, banks, suppliers, representatives of local communities, local governments, industrial associations and the Supervisory Board. The new strategy defines priorities in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Group:

- ethical business running through e.g. transparent activities, counteracting corruption, responsible selection of business partners;
- environmental protection including e.g. reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and minimalization of the impact of operations on the environment;
- employee safety and development based on e.g. rigorous safety procedures and increasing knowledge and skills of employees;
- strengthening relationships with customers and communities through dialogue and openness to the needs of local communities.

A responsible approach and activity in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility are inscribed in the current and future operations of Polenergia. In the coming years, the company plans to involve a wider group of stakeholders – in particular employees – into this endeavor. The Group aims at maintaining a balance between achieving good business results, the expectations of customers and protection of long-term interests of the natural and social environment. Therefore, its development is based on the latest available technologies using renewable and conventional energy sources, while ensuring human safety and environmental protection.

“The social acceptance of both offshore and onshore wind energy as well as other technologies used in renewable energy sources cannot be a barrier, but an impulse for continuous and stable development. We make sure that our projects are fully accepted by local communities and we also ensure that the development of our investments is always accompanied by the cooperation and advancement of this group of our stakeholders. I believe that our efforts to develop Corporate Social Responsibility will be appreciated by the recipients of the report, just like investors appreciated our care for the development of our business, which resulted in the award of the editors of Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów “Parkiet” for the best company in 2018 according to the sWIG80 Index and honouring Polenergia with the Bulls and Bears statuette”, emphasizes Michał Michalski, President of the Management Board of Polenergia.

Since 2015, the company is ruled by the Responsible Business Strategy, which sets measurable goals for the years 2015–2019 in all areas of the Group’s operation. The strategy is the basis for implementing activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility in all companies belonging to Polenergia. An indication for undertaking activity within the frames of corporate responsibility is also the Social and Environmental Policy of the Group, updated in 2016, which sets as the main goal a sustainable development being the foundation for wise business management.

The new Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of Polenergia was developed in such a way that it does not require expert knowledge from the field of electrical power engineering or finance. It is addressed primarily to the company’s stakeholders, and in particular to local communities, which, through the report, gain an easy access to the key information related to the Group’s activities and commitment to the CSR development. The electronic version of the report is available at

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Polenergia presents new Corporate Social Responsibility strategy