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Sulechów PV farm

The Sulechów photovoltaic farm will comprise a complex of 8 photovoltaic farms with a capacity of 1MWp each. The facilities are going to be situated in the township of Kruszyna in the Sulechów commune, Zielona Góra county. The total project footprint will comprise ca. 16.5 ha. The estimated total annual energy generation will be ca. 8200 MWh. This conforms to energy consumption for ca. 4000 buildings. In addition this will also allow avoiding an emission of ca. 8000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

For needs of project implementation the company has concluded a contract for the purchase of 30 000 modules with RISEN Energy, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules worldwide. The estimated volume of deliveries of modules will come up to ca. 40 trucks. Additionally a contract has been concluded with Huawei for the delivery of ca. 60 photovoltaic inverters.

In a tender the Consortium of PBDI S.A. & Electrum Sp. z o.o. was appointed for project implementation. The scope of operation of the Consortium comprises construction of facilities, and it will also deliver the main structural elements, such as for example bearing elements, container transformer stations or energy cables.

Of various solutions for photovoltaic tables, selected was a 2-support 4-row system manufactured by a Polish company Energy5, one of the major manufacturers of structures dedicated to photovoltaic farms in Poland. The container stations will also be manufactured by the Polish producer ZPUiE Włoszczowa. It is estimated that for needs of the project use would be made of ca. 2 km of medium voltage cable, ca. 8 km low voltage cable as well as ca. 100 km direct current cable.

According to estimations of the company, the domestic share of manufacturers in the delivery chain in project execution is going to exceed 50%.

The company assumes that operating time of the installation would be a period of 25 years, which conforms to cumulated production at the level of ca. 200 000 MWh. The Sulechów I project obtained an occupancy permit, and the President of the Energy Regulatory Office granted the Company implementing the Sulechów I project the license for electricity production from January 24, 2020 to December 31, 2030.

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