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About the Company

Polenergia's mission

Polenergia is the largest Polish, independent and vertically integrated energy group. Our ambition is to help Poland and other countries in Central Europe in their energy mix transition towards clean and renewable energy sources. To achieve this goal, we use the most modern and effective technologies as well as the knowledge and expertise of both seasoned management and operational personnel.

Polenergia's values

PASSION Committed in heart and mind

OUTPERFORMANCE Always raising the bar of ourselves

LEADERSHIP Setting new standards for our stakeholders

STRIVING FOR PERFECTION Ensuring highest quality of our actions

ACCOUNTABILITY Accountable for delivering our commitments

Polenergia SA is the first Polish private group in power industry made up of vertically integrated companies functioning in the area of generation of power from conventional and renewable sources, as well as electricity trading and distribution. The company was formed in 2014 as a result of consolidation of two groups of assets controlled by Kulczyk Holding S.àr.l (former Polenergia Holding S.ár.l) in Luxembourg i.e. Polish Energy Partners SA (concentrated on production of electricity from wind farms) and the Polenergia Group (focused on the generation, distribution, sale and trading of electricity and certificates of origin as well as development of new energy generation assets).

 Producing energy from conventional and renewable resources

In operation

Onshore wind farms: Polenergia has seven operational wind farms of total capacity of 249,3 MW. Additionally, three projects with a total capacity of 186 MW won the RES auctions for wind farms.

Photovoltaic farms: Polenergia has one photovoltaic (PV) plant project located in Sulechowo, with a total capacity of approx. 8 MW. In November 2018, the project received support for a period of 15 years as part of the auction system organised by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE). The Group is getting ready to participate in the next auctions for projects of photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of approx. 29 MW. The subsequent projects with a capacity of 80 MW are in an early stage of development.

Polenergia Nowa Sarzyna CHP („ENS”): one of the largest, the most modern and the most environment-friendly gas-fired CHPs in Poland with capacity of 116 MWe and 70 MWt. The generated electricity is outputted by three overhead 110kV electrical power lines. ENS has been functioning on the Polish market since 2000 and until now it is characterized by one of the highest availability index in the entire Polish energy sector.

More information about ENS is available on the dedicated website:

Projects under development

Offshore wind farms: Together with Equinor, the Polenergia Group is pursuing development of three wind farm projects on the Baltic Sea with a total capacity of 3 GW, in compliance with the terms of connection to the power grid issued by PSE.

More information is available on the dedicated websites:,


Electricity: Polenergia Dystrybucja Sp. z o.o. is an electricity distributor focused on supplying gas to industrial customers, shopping centres/malls, housing estates in different parts of Poland using own distribution infrastructure. The Company based in Warsaw is the largest private electricity distributor in Poland operating within the area of the entire country and creating new areas of distribution. The Company continues its expansion through organic growth by connecting to the distribution grid and supplying energy to the new consumers in accordance with Development Plan approved by Energy Regulatory Office.

Natural gas: Polenergia Kogeneracja Sp. z o.o. is natural gas distributor focused on supplying gas to industrial customers using own distribution infrastructure.

 Wholesale trading

Wholesale trading: Polenergia Obrót SA specializes in trading of wholesale energy, natural gas, CO2 emissions, property rights and guarantees of origin. The Company also administers the contracts for the supply of electricity to entities from the Polenergia Group and external companies.

Since October 2013 the Company has been an active and direct member of Polish Power Exchange (TGE) while concurrently systematically increasing the number of business partners on over-the-counter markets. Since July 2016 Polenergia Obrót S.A is a market maker on TGE.

 Other projects

Pellet factories: In 2008 the Polenergia Group began implementing projects related to providing energy sector with pellet made from agricultural biomass, mostly from straw. The Company has invested in that segment of the market in response to Polish energy sector’s growing demand of agricultural biomass which supply remains limited. Cooperation of the Polenergia with power plants is based on long-term agreements for supply of pelletized biomass fuel. Contractual conditions are adjusted to individual needs of clients.

Mercury CHP: The facility has a total capacity of 8 MW and generates steam in a gas-fired boiler, which is then changed into electric energy in a steam turbine. The Mercury CHP produces energy from coke-oven gas, which is a by-product in production of coke at Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze Victoria SA.

The Mercury power plant buys gas and supplies electric energy under contract with WZK Victoria SA, valid until December 2021.