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Offshore Wind Farms

Polenergia SA, a leader in investing in offshore wind power plants in Poland, intends to build two such facilities with Equinor (old Statoil). Total planned capacity of the wind power plants will amount to 1.2 GW. The receipt of electric energy will be secured for a period of 15 years by the obligation of purchasing and the difference mechanism contract under a bidding system.

The company has already obtained permits for building artificial islands, the requirements of connection which allow for connecting to the national energy grid system in two stages in the period 2020-2025, as well as location decisions for the entire submarine path of the connecting cable.

In July 2016 Polenergia obtained the first environmental decision in Poland for the Bałtyk Środkowy III wind farm with a planned capacity of 600 MW. Moreover, in April 2017, the another environmental decision was obtained for Bałtyk Środkowy II wind farm with a planned capacity of 600 MW.

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Project Name
Bałtyk Środkowy IIIBałtyk Środkowy II
Actually planned capacity (MW)600600
Distance to the shore22 km37 km
Net area116.6 km 2122 km 2
Depth25-39 m23-41 m
Average wind speed9-10 m/s9-10 m/s