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Biomass is currently the biggest source of renewable energy which is used for generation of energy by direct combustion of wood, wooden waste, straw, vegetable production wastes or energy crops.

In 2008 the Polenergia Group began implementing projects related to providing energy sector with pellet made from agricultural biomass, mostly from straw. The Company has invested in that segment of the market in response to Polish energy sector’s growing demand of agricultural biomass which supply remains limited. Pellet made from straw was chosen as the best form for combustion of biomass because of:

  • low costs of transport,
  • easy internal transport,
  • good physical and chemical properties,
  • very good results when combusted with coal.

Cooperation of the Polenergia Group with power plants is based on long-term agreements for supply of pelletized biomass fuel. Contractual conditions are adjusted to individual needs of clients.