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Sustainable development

Polenergia's mission

Polenergia is the largest Polish, independent and vartically integrated energy group. Our ambition is to help Poland and other countries in Central Europe in their energy mix transition towards clean and renewable energy sources.To achieve this goal, we use the most modern and effective technologiesas well as the knowledge and expertise of both seasoned management and operational personnel.

Polenergia's values

PASSION Committed in heart and mind

OUTPERFORMANCE Always raising the bar of ourselves

LEADERSHIP Setting new standards for our stakeholders

STRIVING FOR PERFECTION Ensuring highest quality of our actions

ACCOUNTABILITY Accountable for delivering our commitments


Polenergia aims at maintaining balance between our Clients’ expectations and protection of long-term interests of natural and social environment. The company builds up its growth on the latest available technologies which use renewable and conventional sources of energy, while emphasizing their safety for people and environment.

8 priorities of sustainable development

  • Balancing of energy sources
  • Efficient generation
  • Safety for people and nature
  • Energy security for the country
  • Efficient and responsible management
  • Good-neighbourly relations
  • Care for future generations
  • Balanced energy consumption


Polenergia builds up a portfolio of its own generation assets based on renewable energy sources, gas and coal. By balancing the same, the equilibrium of the society’s expectations, market potential and protection of environment can be maintained.

The company uses its assets to guarantee the highest efficiency and fulfil strict requirements of the environmental standards. Polenergia utilizes the economic potential in areas where it still remains unused.

During its activity Polenergia utilizes a modern, highly efficient technology which enables supplying energy at reasonable prices, while minimizing all impact upon natural environment. This strategy is a chance for releasing energy from fuels in quantities which were impossible to obtain before.

In order to increase the efficiency of production, Polenergia has been investing in numerous projects:

  • Nowa Sarzyna Combined Heat and Power Plant (ENS)– produces energy from natural gas while emitting twice less pollution than the majority of conventional facilities in Poland.
  • Offshore wind farms, planned to be constructed – the most advanced facility of that type in Poland which will be a great source of renewable energy.

Polenergia is the largest Polish company to generate entirely pure electric energy from wind. It also produces pellet – ecological fuel made from biomass.

By investing in new facilities, Polenergia raises the level of energy security which cannot be guaranteed by the currently operating run-down power units.

New projects, advanced technology and continuous monitoring systems checking the operation of power units will minimize the level of pollution in controlled combustion processes. Moreover, Polenergia makes effort to raise competences of its personnel and provide efficient process management, which is a key to full control and safety.

Considering the partnership relations with local societies in the project areas, Polenergia focuses on open dialogue with the locals, engaging into development of local societies, providing adequate conditions and H&S of work.

One of key objectives for Polenergia is fulfilling long-term energy demand of the country. The company’s strategy is developed taking into account the conditions of the Polish energy market as well as its needs and potential, and the company’s actions fit well in the programme of upgrading Polish power industry.

Each new project by Polenergia ensures higher stability of supplies, higher safety and more places of work. New investments also mean lower cost for the climate.

Acting on the basis of its knowledge, experience and competences of its personnel, Polenergia combines making development-related decisions and the decisions concerning new projects with the interest of Clients and the environment.

With each new facility, including in particular an industrial one, Polenergia opens an opportunity of partnership and cooperation. Taking care of mutual relations and trust of local population and authorities, the company continually invests and aims at the development of solutions optimum for everyone.

Polenergia invests in the latest clean technologies available on the market which ensure higher efficiency and minimize the environmental impact. The company aims at generating energy in a way which is more friendly for people and their environment.

Efficient generation of  energy comes along with its well thought out use. Together with the Green Cross Poland foundation, Polenergia participates in educational activities to encourage consumers to apply balanced energy consumption.

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