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from the future

We are Poland's largest private energy group. We provide customers with energy from the future, i.e. a system of innovative solutions based entirely on clean and green renewable energy.


We are building

a zero-carbon economy

through efforts in all links of our business model – generation, distribution, trading and sales.


We are developing

offshore wind energy

The total capacity of the projects developed by Polenergia in cooperation with Equinor is as much as 3,000 MW.


We are increasing

green capacity onshore

Modern wind and photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of 485 MW are one of the key elements of our business model.


We participate

in the hydrogen transition

We will harness the potential of hydrogen as a fuel of the future, a raw material as well as a battery accumulating the energy produced by our green assets.


We care

about sustainable development

Our unique green business model is not only a way to implement Polenergia's mission, but also a conscious business choice.


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Unique business model

Our business model covers all elements of the energy value chain – from generation to direct sales to business and retail customers. These segments were created based on different assumptions than those made by other Polish energy groups – in detachment from historical determinants and burdens.


Thanks to our forward-looking approach, Polenergia's offer already meets the requirements of the European Green Deal, which will apply to all companies in the sector in over a quarter of a century. Looking at our Group, in many ways, you can get an idea of how the energy sector will look after 2050.

in numbers

3,000 MW

Strategic investments in the Baltic Sea implemented jointly with Equinor

12,000 GWh

Estimate annual energy production from wind farms in the Baltic Sea

4 million

Number of households potentially powered by wind energy in the Baltic Sea

485 MW

Capacity of RES projects in operation

1066 GWh

Net production of green energy in 2022

533 thousand

Number of households potentially supplied with clean energy from RES projects in operation

157 MW

Capacity of RES projects under development

5 projects

under construction and development

125 thousand

Number of households potentially supplied with clean energy from RES projects under development

309 PLN mln

Adjusted EBITDA in the first half of 2023

170 PLN mln

Adjusted net profit in the first half of 2023

2,838 PLN mln

Sales revenues in the first half of 2023

354 PLN mln

Adjusted EBIDTA in 2022

162 PLN mln

Net profit in 2022

7,089 PLN mln

Sales revenues in 2022

361 PLN mln

Adjusted EBIDTA in 2021

337 PLN mln

Net profit in 2021

3,999 PLN mln

Sales revenues in 2021


lesson hours conducted as part of the educational project "Play green with us!"


Trees and shrubs planted by students who take part in our educational project


Institutions participating in the educational project

400 kg

Annual honey production at the Sulechów Photovoltaic Farms

50 ha

The area of Polenergia's honey meadows


Bee colonies at the Sulechów Photovoltaic Farms


"Books for Climate" donated to municipal and school libraries


Montagu’s harrier chicks rescued


Implemented Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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