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Energy from the future

Energy from the future

We deliver energy from the future, which is a system of technological solutions based entirely on clean and green renewable energy. We create innovative solutions combining zero-emission system energy and prosumer energy.

Our customers include large, medium and small businesses as well as individuals who recognize the challenges of the future, including the need to change the way they use energy. The products developed based on the Energy 2051 standard prove that going to the green side of power does not mean increasing bills.

Our mission is to actively support the transformation of the Polish energy market by developing a low-carbon economy, clean and renewable energy sources, and striving to achieve climate neutrality in the European Union by 2050. To achieve this goal, we use modern and effective technologies as well as the knowledge and experience of an exceptional team.


Polenergia is the first Polish private energy group consisting of vertically integrated companies that generate energy from conventional and renewable sources, distribution, trading and sale of electricity to retail and business clients. Polenergia creates innovative solutions combining zero emission system energy with prosumer energy generation. It was created as a result of consolidation of two groups of assets controlled by Kulczyk Holding: Polish Energy Partners SA (focused on production of electricity from wind farms) and the Polenergia Group (focused on generation, distribution, sale and trading of electricity and certificates of origin, and development of new energy generation projects). In May 2005, Polish Energy Partners SA made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. As a result of the consolidation of the Polenergia Group and Polish Energy Partners SA, PEP SA’s shares have been listed as Polenergia SA since 2014.

We are changing the face of the Polish energy sector

We are building a diversified base of generation assets and developing solutions that enable effective demand management and provide flexibility for distributed sources. We offer a wide range of products that guarantee zero emissions, including e-mobility and heat supply.

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We are moving the digital communication channels already used by banking and telecommunications providers into the energy world. We effectively use digital tools to build partnership relations with our clients.

Our activities include the development and construction of generation assets, power generation from renewable and low-carbon gas sources, distribution, trading and sale of electricity, and trading in certificates of origin and CO2 emission allowances.

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Polenergia in numbers

3000 MW

Offshore wind capacity in development

1800 MW

Capacity of onshore RES projects in development

530 MW

Capacity of onshore RES projects in development

110 MW

Capacity of electrolysers for hydrogen production in development

We pay a lot of attention to communication with the capital market, especially the investor community. Polenergia has been listed on the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2005.

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Management of ESG issues

These days success is based on a sustainable approach to the environment and business. We describe our efforts to positively impact the natural environment, the social environment, and our management achievements in our regularly updated ESG Service. This is one of the first sites of its kind in Poland and the first such initiative in the energy sector.

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