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Unique business model

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Unique business model

Our business model covers all elements of the energy value chain – from generation to direct sales to business and retail customers. These segments were created based on different assumptions than those made by other Polish energy groups – in detachment from historical determinants and burdens.

Offshore wind farms

We have undertaken the most innovative investments on the Polish and European energy market. In cooperation with Equinor, we are implementing a program in the Baltic Sea to develop 3 wind farms with a total capacity up to 3,000 MW.

Onshore wind farms

We currently have 13 operational wind farms with a total capacity of 493 MW. We continue to develop this segment of our business in order to provide our clients with even better access to clean, Polish energy.


Currently we have a photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 37 MWp. We are building and developing new photovoltaic installations. We have also equipped the Nowa Sarzyna gas-fired power plant with 1 MW of panels.

Gas and clean fuels

We own an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly gas-fired cogeneration plant. Thinking about decarbonization of the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant, we are implementing modernization of gas turbines towards co-firing of hydrogen. Within this segment, we are developing a large-scale hydrogen production project powered by our green energy.


Polenergia Dystrybucja supplies electricity to industrial plants, shopping malls and housing estates in various regions of Poland using its own distribution infrastructure. It is the largest private distributor of electricity in Poland.

Trading and sales

Polenergia Sprzedaż offers retail clients a wide range of green products compliant with the Energy 2051 standard. Polenergia Obrót specializes, among others, in wholesale trade in electricity, natural gas, property rights, CO2 emission allowances and guarantees of origin.

We have consciously abandoned the traditional centralized energy industry model, focusing on building a distributed and flexible system capable of self-balancing and continuous optimization.

We have developed a network of technological links that connect our assets and solutions to consumers and collaborating green energy producers, including prosumers.

To achieve this, it was necessary to create a complete business model within our group, including manufacturing, distribution, trading, sales, as well as new business lines. With full control over every link in the energy value chain, we are confident that we are providing our clients with truly clean energy and a connected ecosystem of “green” products. These include solutions supporting the development of electromobility and distributed, environmentally safe heat generation.

Polenergia boasts a value chain that is one hundred percent compliant with the stringent regulations and expectations of the environment that put pressure on the transformation of the Polish energy industry.

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