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We are developing an ecosystem of innovative solutions based on technologically advanced green energy sources and innovative products created in accordance with the Energy 2051 standard. Solutions to support the development of truly green electromobility are an important piece of this puzzle.

We want to give every Pole unlimited access to charging stations powered by renewable sources. We partner with companies that want to grow in this area using the best solutions. Our ambition is to quickly enter the group of market leaders, making it easy and safe to travel around the country in an electric car.

We are pursuing this ambitious project through three complementary directions of development:

Solutions for the home

Providing residential clients with access to charging devices and green energy


Solutions for businesses

Providing a wide range of partners and business clients with electromobility deployment and management services


Own network of public charging stations

Nationwide system to enable electric car drivers to travel around the country comfortably


Why is it worth developing electromobility solutions with Polenergia? We strive to meet the needs of our clients for both private charging and public grid charging. Soon our clients and partners will have access to technologies, devices and services connected to our unique energy ecosystem. Smart solutions and systems will manage chargers, fleets and power consumption at levels never before seen in the market.

With energy from our green sources, electric vehicles are becoming a truly green mode of transportation.

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