Nationwide charging station network

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Nationwide charging station network

We are building one of the largest networks of public charging stations for electric vehicles in Poland, each station supplied by OSD will be powered exclusively by green energy.

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Our ambition is to change the face of Polish electromobility. The density of the charging station network with Polenergia’s logo will allow safe and comfortable travel with electric vehicles – without detailed route planning and concerns about the availability of stations. We plan to use AC and DC stations ranging from 11 kW to as much as 350 kW, adjusting the number and power of the stations to the potential of the site.

Project assumptions

Scope and scale

Covering Poland with a dense network of charging points – located both in cities and on key routes.

Expenditures and costs

100% of the infrastructure construction costs are covered by Polenergia, which remains the sole owner of the connection and the charging station.

Green energy

Guaranteed delivery of 100% green energy coming from Polenergia Group’s assets to the stations supplied by DSO. Possibility to expand the supply to include partner facilities.

Charging support

Modern client app to support charging services (authorization from the phone level or via RFID).

Marketing and promotion

The possibility of executing joint marketing and sales campaigns, marking the Partner's sites in the app.

We are looking for locations for charging stations

We want to develop our charging points in the most attractive locations that guarantee easy access and attractive surroundings. We are particularly interested in areas adjacent to:

  • shopping centers,
  • sports facilities,
  • large-format grocery and building supply stores,
  • large housing estates and office complexes (cooperation with property managers, real estate funds, developers),
  • expressways and highways.

A modern car charging point means a number of benefits for facility managers – both in terms of image (participation in large-scale environmental projects) and business. Modern infrastructure boosts the attractiveness of the location and makes electrification of your fleet easier.

  • Charging site size – access to a minimum of 6 adjacent parking spaces for 3 charging stations (1xAC, 2xDC), reserved exclusively for charging electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • 24/7 access to the charging stations, indoor signage, intuitive navigation.
  • Scalability – possibility to add more charging stations in subsequent years as demand for charging services increases.
  • Visibility – site signposted and visible from a distance.
  • Aesthetics – the cleanliness and appearance of the parking lot allowing the charging point to be positioned in the premium segment.
  • Possibility of power supply connection – DSO network, small distance to LV/MV switchgear and possibility of leading a connection from the switchgear to the charging station.

Solutions tailored to site potential

Depending on the characteristics and energy potential of a given site, we select the appropriate technical solutions and charger type. We have both rapid charging stations (2 x 11 kW) as well as fast and ultra-fast charging stations (approx. 50-350 kW). It is important for us to be able to change the parameters of the given site over time – as customer interest grows.

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