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ENS the cleanest gas-fired combined heat and power plant in Poland

ENS is one of the first CHP plants in Poland with its own photovoltaic installation. Electricity obtained from solar panels with a total capacity of 0.89 MWp will cover part of the plant's own needs. Its construction lasted only eight months.

In 2020, at the Nowa Sarzyna CHP Plant belonging to the Polenergia Group, the idea of building an ecological photovoltaic installation was born, which was to be used to satisfy part of the own needs during normal operation of the gas-steam unit. In February 2021, the contract for the investment was signed, and in April 2021 the first construction works started. Construction of the plant lasted until November 2021. Initially, the project envisaged a solar farm with a capacity of 0.5 MWp. Thanks to the use of modern, double-sided panels with a unit capacity of 530 Wp, the total installed capacity of the installation was raised to 0.89 MWp.

The commissioning of the solar farm in Nowa Sarzyna resulted in the electric capacity installed in ENS increasing from 112.8 MW to 113.7 MW. What is significant about this type of project is that every MWh from this solar investment means that the last MWh from the merit order - usually from fossil fuels – will not be produced elsewhere. The photovoltaic installation at the Nowa Sarzyna CHP Plant will ensure an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 370 tonnes. With an average annual yield of 920 MWh, the effect of generating energy from the sun, taking into account savings on own electrical needs, is estimated at about 0.6 million PLN per year.

The implementation of the task was technically very difficult due to the complexity of the detailed design, compounded by the dispersion and technical diversity of the infrastructure connected to the individual installations and the need to take into account the electrical and water installations already existing underground. The project aimed to maximise the use of available space on the ENS site and included the supply and installation of photovoltaic installations on the ground, on the roofs of the buildings: the Main Building, Administration Building, Water Treatment Station, Auxiliary Boiler Room, on the facade of the Main Building and in the form of car-ports on the car park.

For part of the photovoltaic installation located on the roofs and façades, SolarEdge technology has been applied, thanks to which each panel is monitored independently, through so-called optimisers. This ensures that the installation is resistant to external interference in the form of panel shading. The SolarEdge SE50K inverters used work with SolarEdge P650 optimisers. The technology used is characterised by very good energy efficiency and high fire safety. In the case of the ground-mounted photovoltaic system, Huawei technology was used in the form of high-power inverters, type SUN2000-60KTL-M0. The large fragmentation of the strings makes it possible to optimise their layout in relation to the position of the sun, and good software algorithms guarantee efficient electricity production.

In all installations, double-sided ZNShine  photovoltaic panels type: ZXM7-SPLDD144 with a capacity of 530 Wp were used, which provide additional energy gain from the light reaching the rear surface of the panel. In order to ensure high efficiency of such solution on the roofs of buildings, a renovation layer of roof sheathing (mass with aluminium additive) with high reflection coefficient was applied. In installations on the ground, white clover was sown under the panels.

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