Greenway Polska is the first company...

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Greenway Polska is the first company with the Energy 2051 certificate

Polenergia Sprzedaż has awarded the first green certificate Energy 2051 in Poland. It was received by GreenWay Polska - the biggest electric vehicle charging network operator in the country. The Energy 2051 Certificate confirms that from the start of July until the end of December 2021, the stations of GreenWay Polska in selected locations were supplied in 100% with energy from renewable sources by the Polenergia Group.

For almost a year, Polenergia Sprzedaż has supplied green energy to selected electric vehicle charging stations of GreenWay Polska. Only in the second half of the year 2021, these station consumed more than 725 MWh of electricity. The Certificate awarded means that this energy met the Energy 2051 standard, unique on the Polish market and confirmed by the TÜV SÜD Certificate, and originated entirely from renewable sources located in Poland, belonging to the Polenergia Group.

From July 2021 until March 2022, customers using the GreenWay green stations collected energy allowing for emission-free travels at the total distance of more than 7 million kilometers, thus avoiding emission to the atmosphere of more than 5.7 tons of nitrogen oxides NOx and almost 940 tons of carbon dioxide CO2. The number of stations supplied with energy from zero-emission sources keeps growing. It has now reached 119. The long-term objective of GreenWay is full transformation of the charging stations to switch only to energy from renewable sources.

We are glad to cooperate with GreenWay Polska. We successively add more charging stations, supplied with energy of the highest ecological standard. The Energy 2051 standard and electromobility is a natural joining of forces that enable users to take part in the green revolution.

Marcin Frątczak

member of the Management Board of Polenergia Sprzedaż, responsible for the B2B market

Together with our clients, we build a zero-emission motor industry, which needs green energy from renewable sources. The Energy 2051 Certificate, which we have received, is very important to us, as it confirms that drivers who decide to switch to electric cars and charge them at our stations contribute to a substantial reduction in the environmental costs of car use.

Rafał Czyżewski

the Chairman of GreenWay Polska

The Energy 2051 Standard, chosen by GreenWay Polska, follows the strategy of the European Green New Deal. Even today, Polenergia Sprzedaż offers a product, which will become a EU standard in the year 2050. Enterprises, which have already decided to switch to this energy standard, receive a certificate from Polenergia Sprzedaż, confirming the origin of the energy supplied, which contains a calculation of carbon dioxide emission reductions thanks to green energy. This is a substantial advantage for companies, which are obliged to report their carbon footprint or document their energy policy for their business partners that monitor all entities included in their supply chains.

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