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Opening of Dębsk WF

Opening of Dębsk WF

Polenergia has opened one of the largest wind farms in Poland. The Dębsk Wind Farm can supply clean energy to 183,000 households annually

The Polenergia Group officially opened the wind farm in Dębsk. The Dębsk Wind Farm is the largest on-shore investment in the history of the Group and also one of the largest wind farms in Poland. It comprises 55 turbines with a total capacity of 121 MW, which can generate clean energy for 183,000 households annually.

Let this farm be a sign of the new times and the new energy. A symbol of the new world. A world in harmony with nature,

Dominika Kulczyk

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Polenergia

The Dębsk Wind Farm is the 11th onshore wind farm of Polenergia. It comprises 55 turbines with a total capacity of 121 MW which makes it one of the largest wind farms in Poland. The farm is located on the North Masovian Lowland (Nizina Półnomazowiecka). Forty wind turbines are located in the Żuromin Commune, while the remaining fifteen in the area of the Kuczbork-Osada Commune.

The estimated annual production of the Dębsk Wind Farm will approximate 366 GWh, which correspondents to the demand for electricity of as many as 183,000 households. This means that all residents of Ciechanów, Mława, Płońsk, Pułtusk and Żuromin communes may be fully supplied with green wind energy.

The Dębsk Wind Farm is a lot of work, but also a lot of trust that our contractors have shown to us. It is a large project, one of the largest in Poland. We can say with a clear conscience that this drop may cause quite a lot of rain. This is our success and the success of our partners on a number of levels: cooperation, development and business. Without these three elements, the success would not have been complete. Thanks to such investments as Dębsk, we deliver energy from the future to our clients already today and strengthen the position of Polenergia as the largest Polish private energy group.

Michał Michalski, Ph.D.

President of the Management Board of Polenergia

The capacity of individual Vestas V110 wind turbines is 2.2 MW. Each turbine, operating at full capacity, can generate energy needed for a 200 km electric car ride within a minute. The entire wind farm, operating at full capacity, within just one minute can generate energy needed to supply one household during a year.

The energy generated by the wind turbines of the Dębsk Wind Farm is sent via underground cable lines to the Main Power Supply Station. After voltage transformation, without an intermediate station, it goes directly to the Kruszczewo Main Power Supply Station near Płock. The transmission is made via the longest European (62 km) underground electric power high voltage cable line in the alternating current technology.

My father, who saw the potential of green energy a number of years ago and set up this company, liked to say that success is not the domain of those who know more but those who know first. Dębsk proves that we knew first, we had the courage and we trusted nature. Together, we built a wind farm with a huge capacity. Let this farm be a sign of the new times and the new energy. A symbol of the new world. A world in harmony with nature.

Dominika Kulczyk

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Polenergia

The opening of the Dębsk Wind Farm will allow for avoiding emission of pollution on the level reaching even 318,000 tons of CO2, 299 tons of SO2, 302 tons of NOx, 106 tons of CO and 18 tons of dust to the atmosphere in the course of a year. The investment will also reduce the use of hard coal by 168,000 tons annually, which significantly changes the national energy market and develops zero emission economy fully reliant on the RES.

The nacelles of the turbines are assembled at the height of 120 metres, while the diameter of the blade is 110 m. The total height is 175 metres. The work on the Dębsk Wind Farm started in April 2020 and ended in January 2023 with a concession for production of electric energy. Thanks to the Dębsk Wind Farm, the portfolio of active green investments of Polenergia grew by 35%, up to 472 MW.

– I am pleased that the Żuromin and Kuczbork-Osada Communes joined the project. As local governments, we receive taxes on this account, it is an important aspect of the investment. Yet there are many more such positive aspects. I would like to thank you for all of this. This is a huge investment, but implemented in an efficient way/

Aneta Goliat

Mayor of the Żuromin City and Commune

The supplier of turbines and the entity providing technical maintenance services for a period of 30 years from the moment of start-up of the Dębsk Wind Farm is Vestas.  The contractor for comprehensive construction work related to the foundations for wind turbines, adjustment of access roads for oversize transport, modernisation of existing roads, construction of maintenance roads and assembly platforms was a consortium consisting of ONDE and ERBUD.

The assembly– electric power work and the necessary construction work for the 30/110 kV electrical station, along with the medium and high voltage cable network and optical fibre network was performed by a consortium made up of Electrum Concreo and JAREX. The construction was monitored by the experts from BIOEKSPERT responsible for nature supervision. The Contract Engineer service during the investment was provided by J.S. Hamilton Consulting.

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