Dębsk Wind Farm

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Dębsk Wind Farm

The Dębsk Wind Farm project is executed by Polenergia Farma Wiatrowa 3 Sp. z o.o., a special purpose vehicle wholly owned by Polenergia. The Dębsk wind farm is located in an area delineated by the villages of Zielona (northwest corner), Kuczbork (northeast corner), Wólka Kliczewska (east corner), Małocin (southeast corner), Dębsk (south corner), Chamsk (southwest corner), in the communes of Żuromin and Kuczbork-Osada, Żuromin county, Mazowieckie Voivodeship. Fourteen wind turbines will be located in Kuczbork-Osada commune and the remaining 41 in Żuromin commune.

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure for the Dębsk Wind Farm was conducted by the competent authorities, i.e. the Mayor of Żuromin Commune and the Mayor of Kuczbork-Osada Commune. In accordance with the requirements of the Act on Disclosure of Information on the Environment and its Protection, Public Participation in Environmental Protection and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), during the EIA procedure the competent authorities – State Sanitary Inspectorate and Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection (RDOS) – gave positive opinions on the project. As part of the EIA procedure, public consultations were conducted that allowed for the participation of project stakeholders. The procedure ended with issuing two decisions on environmental conditions allowing for the construction of up to 62 wind turbines and the necessary infrastructure:

  • Decision on environmental conditions issued by the Mayor of Kuczbork-Osada Commune for the project involving the construction of the “Żuromin FW2” wind farm with a total maximum capacity of 87 MW, which will consist of up to 29 wind power plants with a capacity of 3 MW each, underground connections to the substation, internal access roads (document no. GKB 7624-6/09/10/11 issued on 4 January 2011);
  • Decision on environmental conditions issued by the Mayor of Żuromin Commune and Town for the construction of the “Żuromin FW3” wind farm with a total maximum capacity of 99 MW, which will consist of: up to 33 wind power plants with acoustic power not exceeding 106.5 dB each and a capacity of up to 3 MW each (document no. IBGKiOŚ 7624-48/09/10 issued on 7 January 2011).

The project was also granted a building permit for the wind turbines with the associated infrastructure. The company ultimately decided to build 55 wind turbines.

The capacity of the individual Vestas V110-2.2 MW wind turbines will be 2.2 MW. The parameters of the wind turbines will be as follows:

  • hub height: 120 m
  • rotor diameter: 110 m

The total installed capacity of the wind farm will be 121 MW.

The project also includes: the main power supply point (substation), underground infrastructure of power and control cables, as well as access roads to individual wind turbines and service and assembly yards. The energy generated by the wind turbines will be transmitted via underground cable lines to the substation. After transformation to high voltage, electricity will be transmitted via a 110 kV underground cable line with a length of approximately 63 km to the Kruszczewo Substation.

In 2019 an additional wildlife survey was carried out. The survey took place in May and June and was designed to assess whether the 2009 monitoring results remain representative and whether changes in land use have occurred that could affect the attractiveness of the sites to birds and bats. The results of the bird and bat observations confirmed the conclusions of the monitoring conducted in 2009. No new valuable habitats were identified at the wind farm site.

Prior to the start of construction, in August 2020, training was held for all subcontractors involved in the construction process. The training pertained to occupational health and safety and environmental protection issues. It was also aimed at familiarizing subcontractors with the requirements of project financing institutions as well as Polenergia Group’s environmental and social policy and standards of conduct for Partners (vendors and subcontractors). Currently, the Dębsk Wind Farm is in the construction phase. The construction is regularly monitored by specialists (BIO EKSPERT) responsible for environmental supervision.

The construction work on the Dębsk Wind Farm is slated for completion in mid-2022.

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