Szymankowo Wind Farm

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Szymankowo Wind Farm

The Szymankowo Wind Farm is located in the area of Gnojewo, Stara Kościelnica, Miłoradz and Bystrze in Miłoradz commune, Mątowy Wielkie, Mątowy Małe, Malbork county, Pomorskie Voivodeship

38 MW

wind farm capacity

60 thous.

number of households

In 2015 the Szymankowo Wind Farm project underwent the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure conducted by the competent authority, i.e. the Mayor of Miłoradz commune. During the EIA procedure, the State Sanitary Inspector and the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection (RDOS) were consulted as required by the environmental protection law. The consultation procedure also allowed project stakeholders to participate. The procedure ended with issuing a decision on environmental conditions allowing for the construction of up to twenty wind turbines and the necessary infrastructure. The project was also granted a building permit for twenty wind turbines with the associated infrastructure. However, the company ultimately decided to build only eleven of the twenty turbines for which it obtained a building permit.

The company has selected Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy G132-3,465 MW wind turbines with the capacity of 3,465 MW each for the project. The parameters of the selected wind turbines are as follows:

  • hub height: 134 m
  • rotor diameter: 132 m

Prior to the start of construction, in January 2020, training was held for all subcontractors involved in the construction process. The training pertained to occupational health and safety and environmental protection issues. It was also aimed at familiarizing subcontractors with the requirements of project financing institutions as well as Polenergia Group’s environmental and social policy and standards of conduct for Partners (vendors and subcontractors). The construction was regularly monitored by specialists from BIO EKSPERT responsible for environmental supervision.


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