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Polenergia Distinguished by the Employers of Poland

Polenergia Group received the Wektor 2021 statuette for active participation in the transformation of the Polish energy market and for development of renewable energy, in compliance with the tenets of corporate social responsibility. Dominika Kulczyk, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and Michał Michalski, Ph.D., President of the Management Board of Polenergia, collected the prize.

As my father used to say, the world belongs to the few brave ones who are not afraid of jumping into the unknown and constructing wings along the way. I decided for Polenergia when its fate was unknown and the price of its shares was at PLN 10.00. However, it turned out to be an excellent choice, it allowed me to live the adventure of my life and its value has grown seven-fold. At the same time, I feel great respect for Mother Nature. I would like the world to resemble her - to be kind and sympathetic. My father believed in such better world. I would like to dedicate this prize to him.

Dominika Kulczyk

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board

Polenergia is a team. Polenergia is a company creating future and Polenergia is a good market participant. I would like to thank our team! We are trying to understand the macro-trends and to align our activities with them not only to follow the trends, but to set them.

Michał Michalski, Ph.D.

President of the Management Board of Polenergia

The 20th jubilee ceremony of the Employers of Poland took place on 15 January 2022 in Warsaw. The jury of Wektors 2021 awarded seven laureates whose activities in the last year provided Polish entrepreneurship with a special quality.

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