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Polenergia is building nearly 40 new...

Polenergia is building nearly 40 new charging stations. Hubs on the A2 Motorway will power electric trucks

Polenergia is building nearly 40 new electric vehicle charging stations with a total capacity of almost 7 MW. The largest Polish private energy group will build a dense network of charging points on the A2 Motorway, which will, among other things, power electric trucks. The first ultra-fast stations with a power of 400 kW, equipped with liquid-cooled cables, will also appear in the Polenergia network. After putting the investment into operation, the Group will have over 70 charging stations with a plan to build several dozen more.

eMobility, which belongs to the Polenergia group, is responsible for the network expansion. The construction of nearly 40 new stations includes charging station hubs in selected city centers, as well as at eight Passenger Service Areas (MOP), which are located on the A2 Motorway route (in both directions).

A response to growing needs

Strategic locations near the motorway at one MOP will be equipped with up to five chargers, the total power of which will reach 1 MW. This means that it is possible to service not only passenger cars, but also eHDV trucks.

Poland is the leader in international transport within the European Union. The charging stations that we build at Polenergia eMobility are located in key nodes for this sector. This is of great importance, among others, for eHDV truck drivers, who will soon be able to use our services. The development of a dense network of fast charging stations is necessary to make traveling by electric vehicle in Poland a comfortable experience. What makes Polenergia unique on the market is that we power our charging stations with green energy coming directly from our renewable sources. Thanks to this, we are able to dynamically respond to the supply of energy produced from renewable energy sources, offering our customers attractive prices for the charging service during periods of high production.

Piotr Maciołek

Member of the Management Board of Polenergia S.A.

Faster and cheaper charging

Thanks to the expansion, Polenergia’s network will include additional charging stations with a capacity of 150-300 kW and the first ultra-fast stations with a capacity of 400 kW, equipped with 500A / 600A liquid-cooled cables. This solution will extend the charging time with the maximum current, thus significantly reducing the time spent charging the vehicle.
Polenergia’s charging stations are powered by electricity in the Energia 2051 standard, which comes from renewable sources belonging to the Group. At times when the overproduction of electricity from renewable energy sources reaches its peak, Polenergia eMobility offers significant price reductions for charging station users.

Users of electric vehicles will feel the changes from June 1. At the beginning of the month, Polenergia will reduce the standard price list for charging services. Users registered in the mobile application will pay for charging at AC stations PLN 1.60/kWh instead of PLN 1.97/kWh (current price list) and at DC stations with power from 60 kW to 400 kW – PLN 2.19/kWh instead of PLN 2. PLN 45/kWh and PLN 2.69/kWh.

Unregistered users and those who choose to pay using a payment terminal will pay PLN 2.26/kWh at AC stations and PLN 3.10/kWh at DC stations, respectively. For each transaction, as currently, a fee of PLN 1 will be added for starting the charging session.

Weekend promotion also during the holidays

The “Hours and weekends with renewable energy” promotion will also be extended at least until the end of August 2024. Promotional charging prices will be valid from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and will amount to PLN 1.39/kWh for DC stations and PLN 1.60/kWh for AC stations. Outside the designated hours, a reduced standard price list will apply. On weekends, both offers will be identical and will amount to PLN 1.39/kWh at DC and AC stations.

Information about current promotions as well as new charging station locations is available in the mobile application and on the website

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