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Polenergia launches green energy offer for all individual customers

Polenergia Sprzedaż, part of Polenergia Group, has launched green electricity sales for all individual customers. This offer complies with the Energy 2051 standard available only to enterprises. Currently, all Polenergia customers may purchase the electricity generated from Polish renewable sources and contribute to the process of developing the clean, zero-emission energy sector based on RES.

Commencing the sale of green electricity to all households means a significant step towards the development and implementation of Polenergia’s strategy. The offer of innovative, zero-emission solutions based exclusively on the Polish renewable energy sources allows individual customers to participate in building a better and more sustainable future for potential generations. As one of the first Polish companies, Polenergia Sprzedaż offers the Energy 2051 standard consisting in supplying the end user with entirely green energy in every hour of consumption. This requirement, complying with the European Green Deal guidelines, will be commonly binding in Poland only in thirty years. This means that Polenergia’s customers may already benefit from a zero-carbon footprint energy supply and thus join the millions of households and businesses around the world carrying for nature and the environment.

Growing public awareness of the need to introduce more sustainable ways of obtaining energy makes more and more individuals look for opportunities to power their homes or electric cars with 100-percent green energy. The aim of Polenergia Sprzedaż is to provide energy obtained from the Polish wind farms and photovoltaic farms to all people who care about the state of our environment and are looking for an ecological alternative at an attractive price.

Jarosław Bogacz

CEO Polenergia Sprzedaż.

Five new offers of Polenergia Sprzedaż are addressed to people who not only want to power their households with fully green energy, but – also in the upcoming years – wish to protect themselves against electricity price increases. They include a range of products from the “Go Green” series, being the answer to the diverse needs and customers’ expectations. The flagship offer which includes service providing an energy price guarantee for the next two or three years. This offer is aimed primarily at customers wishing to be protected against price increases and to be able to plan fixed costs in the household budget in the long term. Persons preferring to be able to quickly change the terms of their contract rather than being tied to it, may take advantage of offers that include a discount guarantee. An additional option, available in each variant of the “Go Green” service, is the possibility of extending the agreement with a package of professional services on a 24/7 hotline basis and as part for a specialist selected under the agreement. Depending on the type of service, customers will receive support from an electrician, plumber, roofer, locksmith, and even heating, gas and air conditioning technicians and an IT specialist.

For persons who have already signed agreements with other vendors and wish to switch to green energy, Polenergia will act as the customer’s proxy. This will facilitate and accelerate the supplier switch process, as all formalities will be carried out by the customer’s account manager without the need to involve the customer. Upon completing the formalities, the customer will still receive one invoice that includes both electricity sale and distribution. A novelty distinguishing the offer in the market is the switch to a completely remote customer service system combining: electronic customer service office and hotline.. The process of signing the Agreement is 100 percent remotely, in analogy to billing. Taking care of the environment, the monthly invoice will be available only in electronic form. A customer receiving the invoice by e-mail or will be able to download it via the e-bok system.

Now is the best time to make environmentally beneficial changes. Choosing energy from renewable, green sources for our home can be the first step towards a better, greener future. Especially since the process of switching retailers also is economically justifiable. In our offer, every customer will find an interesting solution, and the quality of our service will make it a choice that will last for years to come.

Jarosław Bogacz

Prezes Zarządu Polenergia Sprzedaż

All types of new services offered to individual customers and the full offer of Polenergia Sprzedaż can be found at

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