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Polenergia published the Sustainable Development Report...

Polenergia published the Sustainable Development Report (ESG) and the Social Engagement Report. The group completed over 330 projects last year

Polenergia published the Consolidated Sustainability Report (ESG) and the Social Engagement and Biodiversity Activities Report for last year. The ESG report meets EU guidelines, which will apply to Polenergia only from 2025. The second report summarizes the spending of 1% of Polenergia's consolidated net profit on activities in the field of social engagement and biodiversity. In 2023, the Group implemented over 330 projects in this area. “The Group's excellent financial results go hand in hand with our responsibility for the environment and local communities”, says Iwona Sierżęga, Member of the Management Board of Polenergia S.A.

Polenergia’s ESG report was published much earlier than required by EU regulations – the document for 2023 is based on the latest ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) reporting guidelines, which, together with the EU CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), will only apply to Polenergy from 2025.

Polenergia's excellent financial results go hand in hand with our responsibility for the environment and local communities. The preparation of the Sustainability Report is another step in the implementation of our Group's ambitious ESG Strategy, which we adopted at the beginning of last year. Despite the lack of non-financial reporting obligations, we are already publishing documents in the ESG area at the highest level, based on the latest European Union requirements, which will apply to Polenergia only from 2025. We treat the new reporting of non-financial indicators as an opportunity. Creation of transparent, comparable reports opens new opportunities in building a zero-emission and inclusive economy. We believe that energy transformation carried out with respect for the environment will become a flywheel that will accelerate the further development of the European Union countries, including Poland.

Iwona Sierżęga

Member of the Management Board of Polenergia S.A.

At the beginning of 2023, Polenergia adopted a new ESG Strategy for 2023-2030. The document reflects socially responsible activities and issues of a just energy transition. The Group significantly improved its rating in the area of sustainable development, conducted by the Sustainalitycs rating agency specializing in this area. The ESG risk level of the entire Group is assessed as low.

Polenergia, as a listed energy company, has a unique responsibility in the area of reporting. The documents we have published prove that we meet market expectations in this area. Proper management of energy projects throughout the entire period of their construction and operation is the foundation for harmonious business development. Harmonious, i.e. taking into account benefits for the natural environment. We have many years of experience in creating synergy between renewable energy projects and projects implemented to restore ecosystems or cooperate with local communities. We are summing up 2023 year with the publication of a number of good practices and a commitment to the highest diligence in the area of environmental protection and biodiversity development.

Marta Porzuczek

Director of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Department at the Polenergia Group

Polenergia’s ESG Report was based on the so-called double materiality test and was also audited by a certified auditor, receiving a positive assessment of compliance with ESRS and the Taxonomy – a new EU law that classifies economic activities based on sustainable development.

Polenergia has been preparing for new reporting obligations in the area of sustainable development since 2021. The Group has started calculating its GHG carbon footprint emissions in the so-called scope 1 (direct emissions) and scope 2 (indirect emissions). From 2022, Polenergia also reports the compliance of the Group’s activities with the Taxonomy.

The Consolidated ESG Report and the Sustainability Report complement Polenergia’s financial report for 2023. The largest Polish private energy group achieved PLN 547.6 million in adjusted EBITDA during this time. This result is PLN 193.3 million higher than in 2022. The net profit generated by Polenergia in 2023 is PLN 273.6 million. This is PLN 111.6 million more than in the same period last year.

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