Polenergia With New Energy

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Polenergia With New Energy

Polenergia, the largest Polish private energy group, is dynamically entering the market of dispersed energy. On the basis of the Edison Energy Group taken over in January this year, two new companies were set up: Polenergia Fotowoltaika and Polenergia Pompy Ciepła, which offer household photovoltaic installations, energy storage facilities and heat pumps for individual and business customers. Reaching a large group of prosumers throughout Poland will be facilitated by the new green and brown colours of Polenergia, which has refreshed its logo.

In just two months Polenergia completed the take-over of one of the fastest developing photovoltaic companies on the Polish market. The acquisition of Edison Energia and establishment of Polenergia Fotowoltaika and Polenergia Pompy Ciepła is a response to the needs of the changing market, where dispersed energy, consisting in generation of electric energy, heat or cold for local use by small units of production facilities directly held by the customers, is rapidly gaining significance. Along with changes in energy generation, expectations of the clients with respect to the products and services are also changing. Hence, in line with the adopted Group Strategy for 2020-2024, Polenergia adjusts to the new reality by investments in installations and services for customers in the area of prosumer energy.

Taking-over Edison Energia is yet another step aimed at the implementation of the Polenergia Strategy, which - from a large company operating at the wholesale market - is transforming into one of energy companies efficiently competing at the end customer market.

Michał Michalski Ph.D

President of the Management Board of Polenergia

Our goal is to make Polenergia ones of the strongest energy groups in this part of Europe. A company that provides its customers with fully green energy and offers them an opportunity for joining the huge energy transformation that should be the goal for all of us.

Dominika Kulczyk

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Polenergia

Polenergia Fotowoltaika and Polenergia Pompy Ciepła will build a strong area of its operations based on the competence of 1,500 employees and contracting partners of the acquired Edison Energia, which in the last two years completed over 20,000 photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of 120 MWp. Each installation is the result of work of competent consultants, designers and contractors who use sub-systems manufactured by internationally renowned producers. A full offer of products and services is available at the websites of the new companies: and

This is a historical moment for us. We are one strong team which will jointly set the trends in the modern renewable energy sector. As a company, we will offer construction of top quality photovoltaic installations, additionally with balancing and supply services of 100% green electric energy generated in renewable energy sources of Polenergia. This will guarantee our future success and will contribute to a quicker return from investments in photovoltaics.

Kamil Sankowski

Member of the Management Board of Polenergia Fotowoltaika

We are shaping the future of the energy market and we support the efforts related to the development of zero emission economy. Nevertheless, we are aware that efficient transformation of the Polish energy sector will not be completed with the prosumers. Thus, developing our sources for generation of green energy, we are simultaneously becoming one of the leading energy companies competing at the market of end customers. We focus on developing an extensive range of products and services based both on green energy from centralised and dispersed sources and thus building a comprehensive offer addressed to the segment of households and companies.

Jarosław Bogacz Ph.D

President of the Management Board of Polenergia Sprzedaż

Independently from the market dimension, the transformation of Edison Energia into Polenergia Fotowoltaika and Polenergia Pompy Ciepła entails integration of new companies both within the scope of administrative and accounting processes and structures, as well as the corporate structure of Polenergia. Thence another change, pertaining to the entire Group, is the decision on changes in the logo of Polenergia. The refreshed logo in green and brown colours references the new positioning of the company as an entity focusing on green energy and providing its clients with zero emission “energy from the future” now, in the Energia 2051 standard, exceptional at the Polish market.

Introducing the refreshed logotype of the Group will start with the new companies, Polenergia Fotowoltaika and Polenergia Pompy Ciepła, which are offering products addressed to individual customers and are becoming a distinguishing trait of Polenergia in the segment of prosumer energy.

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