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08/01/2015 20:28

Current report 1/2015

In reference to Current Report No. 10/2014, Polenergia SA (‘Company’) hereby notifies that on 7th January 2015 the Company’s subsidiary, Grupa PEP – Farma Wiatrowa 4 Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (‘GPFW4’), and Siemens Sp. z o.o. (‘Siemens’) signed an annex (‘Annex’) to the agreement of 24th July 2014 on wind turbines delivery and installation (‘Agreement’).

The Annex refers to the extension of the scope of the Agreement by delivery, installation, commissioning and handing over to operation of 3 wind turbines of 2.3 MW each (6.9 MW in total).

The total estimated net value of the Annex is EURO 8 210 000.00 (PLN 35 397 415.00).

The delivery and installation of the additional turbines is scheduled for the period from mid-July to the end of October 2015.

As a result of the Annex, the installed capacity of Skurpie Wind Farm will increase from 36.8 MW up to 43.7 MW.

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