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11/03/2015 20:20

Current report 12/2015

The Management Board of Polenergia S.A. in Warsaw (‘Polenergia’) hereby announces the forecast results of Polenergia Group in 2015, as presented below.

I. The forecast results and the period covered by the forecast

Adjusted EBITDA – PLN 204.0 million
Adjusted Net Profit – PLN 72.4 million
The forecast refers to the period from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015.

II. The basis and material assumptions of the forecast

The presented forecast for 2015 is based on the forecasts of the individual companies belonging to Polenergia S.A. Capital Group for the financial year 2015, including in particular the assumptions, as described below.

The operating profit of the entire group will be higher than the level projected for 2014 among other things due to the commencement of operation of Gawłowice and Rajgród wind farms of the total capacity of nearly 67 MW in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Moreover, the revised forecast data do not include the effect connected with:

At the level of EBITDA and Net Profit:
•    the settlement of the purchase price (combination of the assets of Polish Energy Partners and Polenergia Holding, which took place in 2014),
•    the possible costs associated with procuring of capital.

At the level of Net Profit:
•    the financial result for pricing of loans,
•    the financial result for exchange differences.

III. The manner of Polenergia S.A. monitoring of the prospects for generating the forecast results

The prospects for generating the planned financial results will be evaluated on the basis of current monitoring of the gained sales revenues and incurred expenditures as well as analysis and adjustment of the adopted assumptions.

IV. Periods in which Polenergia S.A. will evaluate the prospects for generating the forecast results and make potential adjustments to the forecast

The forecast feasibility and possible adjustments to the forecast will be published in quarterly reports.

The evaluation criterion will be the level of the forecast realisation for the closed period, taking into account the seasonality of results for a year and the analysis of risk factors of the Group activity. The implementation of this forecast is dependent on a number of factors, those independent of the Company included.

In the case of a significant deviation from the financial forecast, the correction will be published Deviations in the assumptions will not be announced, unless they cause an essential change in the financial forecast.

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