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13/02/2014 21:26

Current report 3/2014

Polish Energy Partners S.A. (‘Company’) hereby notifies that, in the face of emerging investment opportunities, improving macroeconomic and regulatory environment for investment in the energy sector (particularly in the renewable energy area) as well as project financing possibilities, it is taking into consideration broadening of the scope of activities of the Company’s capital group through the acquisition by the Company of assets in the above-mentioned spheres, including the contribution of a part of the energy assets (‘Assets’) owned by our indirect majority shareholder – Polenergia Holding S.á r.l. (‘Polenergia’).

The Company plans to take preparatory actions aiming at the implementation of the above-mentioned tasks. Furthermore, the Company hereby informs that the actions described above are realised, assuming that Polenergia is going to retain the position of the Company’s majority shareholder. The purpose of the Assets acquisition is to increase the value of the Company by winning the new, precious assets and projects. The implementation of the long-term investment program requires extra capital. The Company is considering the possibility of gaining capital from the debt markets as well as from its current shareholders and other investors.

The realisation of the above-mentioned plans is determined by many factors, including those out of the Company’s control. Moreover, it will be necessary to obtain the required corporate approvals (especially by the General Assembly). Thus, there is no certainty as to the timing and conditions for the tasks implementation, and whether these actions will be successful.

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