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23/11/2021 10:30

The Management Board of Polenergia S.A. (the “Issuer”) hereby informs that, during the meeting held on November 23, 2021, the Supervisory Board of the Issuer dismissed all members of the Management Board of the Issuer, i.e., Chairman of the Management Board of the Issuer, Mr. Michał Michalski and Members of the Management Board of the Issuer, Ms. Iwona Sierżaga, Mr. Piotr Maciołek, Mr. Tomasz Kietliński, and Mr, Jarosław Bogacz, and then appointed these persons on the same day to perform the same functions on the Management Board of the Issuer, except for Mr. Tomasz Kietliński, who was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Management Board.

The reason for dismissal and subsequent appointment of the same persons as members of the Management Board of the Issuer on the same day was the need to adjust the term of office of the Management Board to Article 5.10.1 of the Issuer’s Articles of Association in the wording resulting from the resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting of Company Shareholders dated June 18, 2021. Pursuant to Article 5.10.1 of the Company’s Articles of Association, the Management Board of the Issuer shall be appointed for a joint 3-year term.

All members of the Supervisory Board have submitted declarations stating that: (i) they are not engaged in any activities outside the Issuer’s enterprise which by its nature would be competitive to the business operations carried out in the Issuer’s enterprise; (ii) they are not engaged in a competitive company as partners of a private partnership or any other type of partnership, or as members of a governing body of an incorporated company, and they are not engaged in any other competitive legal entity as members of its body; and (iii) they are not entered into the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained pursuant to the Act on the National Court Register of August 20, 1997.

Information concerning education, qualifications, and professional career is presented in the attachment to this report.

Legal grounds: Section 5 (4) and (5) of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of March 29, 2018, on current and periodic information published by the issuers of securities and conditions for recognizing as equivalent the information required under the law of a non-member state.

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