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indeksu sWiG80 2018 roku

Wińsko Biomass Power Plant

Location: the gmina of Wińsko

Voivodeship: dolnośląskie

Planned capacity of the facility: 31 MW

The Wińsko biomass power plant is to be built in the gmina of Wińsko (the poviat of Wołów) in the dolnośląskie voivodeship. The planned capacity of 31 MW is to be generated by a steam turbine from steam produced in the biomass boiler. The biomass power plant will be supplied with biomass fuel and it is planned to operate for 30-40 years.


Key characteristics

TurbineCondensing/ Alstom
BoilerVibrating grate/ DP Cleantech
Installed capacity31 MWe
CustomerSupply to the grid
Load factor92%
EfficiencyElectrical 33%
Operational period30 years